We have successfully completed projects in banking, media, energy, offshore and shipping. Problem domains include targeted sales campaigns, content recommendation, predictive maintenance, production optimization, digitalization and price optimization.

Cross Sales

A large regional bank with a broad product portfolio wanted to sell products to the right customers. Based on customer data stored in the data warehouse, a machine learning model predicted which customers to contact, for a substantial increase in sales.

Content Recommendation

A national media content and distribution company wanted personalized content recommendations integrated into existing editorial tools and workflows.

Predictive Maintenance

This project involved using sensor data and machine learning to create a system for predictive maintenance, as well as automatic anomaly detection and advanced visualization.

Production Optimization

This project involved both machine learning and optimization. Energy usage was predicted from time-series data, and these predictions were used in an optimization model minimizing the cost of a thermal power plant.

Sonat AI

Data analytics, machine learning and optimization.


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