Production Optimization

Data analytics, machine learning and optimization.


This project involved both machine learning and optimization. Energy usage was predicted from time-series data, and these predictions were used in an optimization model minimizing the cost of a thermal power plant.


  • The customer delivers remote heat from a thermal power plant.

  • Predict the customer’s use of hot water and heating hourly for the next 48 hours.

  • Optimize heat production, to avoid over-production while avoiding having to start an expensive backup heat generator.

Sonat Service

  • Project scoping, architecture and development of data streaming, data collection and analytics.

  • Trained, deployed and evaluated models for a performant real time prediction of future energy use based on historical time-series data and weather prognosis.

  • Development and deployment of data architecture and a real time monitoring solution.

Thermal predictions – an environmental ML successstory

Christian Sloper

A non-technical presentation about the project is available
Lightning talk – in English

The Results


  • Successful deployment of a real-time prediction of energy use using a modern and efficient cloud data architecture.
  • Model accurately predicts energy use within an error margin of 4 %.
  • Evaluation of predictive efficiency indicates projected savings of 10 % of supplementary fuel, leading to 1.5 MNOK annual savings.

Prediction of energy usage


within an error margin 4%


Projected Saving

Using deep learning and weather data we have succeeded
in calculating the power need of the thermal power plant days ahead.

This has allowed calculating and optimizing the use of supplementary fuel leading to a reduction in overall use of expensive oil burners.

Sonat AI

Data analytics, machine learning and optimization.


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