Cross Sales

Data analytics, machine learning and optimization.


A large regional bank with a broad product portfolio wanted to sell products to the right customers. Based on customer data stored in the data warehouse, a machine learning model predicted which customers to contact, for a 5-fold increase in sales compared a control group.


  • A data warehouse captured all banking data. Customer actions and interactions were available from separate systems.

  • The client wanted to identify the customers interested in a given product (such as a loan) in the near future.

  • Use this to ensure focused and targeted marketing, personalization and customer relation actions.

Sonat Service

  • Data was brought in from the data warehouse, CRM system, product tables, web and mobile client logs.

  • We anonymized data to the predictive analytics server where transactions were run through the feature extraction procedure.

  • Several predictive models were automatically competitively trained and validated, and the best performing model was used for continuous prediction of individual customer product purchases.

The Results


  • Customers with the highest predicted probability (top 10 %) constituted 80 % of actual buyers.

  • Demonstrated a 5 fold higher sales and 50% decrease in customers choosing a competitor compared to standard business rules in a randomized trial across 200 advisors and 6000 customers.

  • These and other models increase revenue through targeted efforts and provide relevant services, communication and products through personalization.


Constituted of actual buyers


Increase in customers

increase revenue

This project applied machine learning to predict customer interest in products. Could you predict whether a customer is interested in a specific product, given information about demographics and recent activity?

Can an algorithm do it automatically?
The experience from this project is that the answer is a resounding “yes!”.

Sonat AI

Data analytics, machine learning and optimization.


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