Machine learning
for real world challenges

Data analytics, machine learning and optimization.

We create value for our customers
by transforming products and processes
using data analytics, machine learning, optimization
and artificial intelligence.
Our consultants combine technical ability,
theoretical insight and business sense

to solve complex real-world problems. ”


Data analytics, machine learning and optimization.

What can we offer?

We offer expert consultancy to our customers within analytics, machine learning, optimization, data platforms and related fields. We also provide effective training through customized courses.

We specialize in the following domains:


  • Machine Learning
  • Data platforms and architecture
  • Advanced analytics
  • Optimization
  • Project planning & technical lead

What type of projects have we completed?

We have successfully applied our knowledge to challenges across a diverse set of industries.

Below is a selection of project topics:


  • Cross sales
  • Content recommendation
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Production optimization
  • Sensor anomaly detection
  • Information extraction

Who are we?

Sonat AI is the data science branch of Sonat Consulting – a Norwegian consultancy firm established 2012 based in Bergen and Oslo. We are 9 people with substantial expertise, experience and formal qualifications, and perhaps most importantly – strong people skills.

Among us we have:

  • 5 PhDs and 4 MScs
  • 60+ completed projects
  • 15+ satisfied customers

Sonat AI

Data analytics, machine learning and optimization.


Kjell Værøy Ljøstad

CEO Oslo
+47 952 67 129

Sonat Consulting Oslo AS
Karl Johansgt. 25
0159 Oslo


Jonny Klemetsen

CEO Bergen
+47 294 56 245

Sonat Consulting Bergen AS


C. Sundts gate 17-19

5008 Bergen


Sonat Consulting Bergen AS

Postboks 234 Sentrum

5804 Bergen